Seating arrangement


There are a lot of things I like about this handmade bench: the 2×4 legs (one with paint, one without), the way the carpet’s not centered, the scallops on the bottom edge of the carpet, that dead branch guarding the approach.

But what I like best is thinking that someone missed their loved one so much they build it in the first place.

at the cemetery
Alpine, Texas
photographed 1.19.2013

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  1. Sometimes there is evidence that humanity still exists in our world.


  2. This is very nice and great narrative. Otherwise one might cringe at the crudeness. Knew a lady who would put a tarp over the grave of her son when it was going to rain. As to yesterday let’s just call the black cord texture.


    • Texture. Yes, I’m sure that’s what I was thinking…

      Thanks for your comments on this image; I made it a while back, and I needed a minute to remember what it was about it that caught my eye…

      A tarp over a child’s grave is the saddest thing I’ve heard today.

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