and like ghosts, they’re gone


On the far side of a tiny town, if you take the road that looks like it doesn’t go anywhere, you’ll pass by a little church.

The morning sun caught the squares of the window screen’s mesh in  a way that obscured the flowers, making them seem momentary, like if I looked again, they’d be gone.

And here’s the daily Bruce Cockburn, with “Use Me While You Can,” of his spoken word pieces that is just outstanding.

Puerto de Luna, New Mexico
photographed 9.21.2013

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  1. This is yet another one of your photos that I immediately loved without knowing what it was. My first thought was that the flowers were a print on fabric. What they really are is more exciting. Love the divisions of the picture plane and the play of curvy organic shapes against geometric ones. I say this is an absolute big winner.


  2. As did Linda, I absorbed this sweet image immediately. Way to go MGH !


  3. I meant to thank you earlier for introducing me to Bruce Cockburn. Just goes to show, better late than never. Thanks.


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