I miss you like I miss the flowers in bloom


Today’s the last day of my self-assigned lyrics-as-titles experiment. Thanks for your patience!

The way the openings in this old place lined up was what caught my eye. It made me sad, the way the roof’s gone, the weeds are taking over, the plaster’s peeling away: it was a lonely scene.

So, here’s a lonely song.

Marathon, Texas
photographed 7.10.2015

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  1. Wow, how very desolate….


  2. Expecting some character from a Mad Max movie to walk through.


  3. Strange how with all the decay and loss of roofs etc that the doorways remain, showing the route from one side of the building through to the other.


    • Maybe it could be a metaphor for life? (I just got off a phone call with my photographer friend Brett Erickson, who encourages me to look for themes and metaphors and so forth in my work – so that’s on my mind right now!)


  4. I came looking for the ‘well secured ruins’ of Monochrome Madness… it was my fave this week… guess this will have to do… nice.


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