Thrift Store Seating


Do you need some chairs? Specifically, some chairs that aren’t afraid of sitting outside in the weather? Because if you do, I think I know where you can get them…

Amarillo, Texas
photographed 5.29.2016

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  1. I wonder what is in the case. And do I get a free Coke with every purchase?


  2. Nicely composed photo! but just as a fellow photographer, I’m wondering what your thoughts were including the Coke can. It definitely grounds the photo squarely in the present which due to the subject matter otherwise wouldn’t be obvious. I’m asking because in a recent shot, I chose to leave something similar in a photo and have mixed feelings about the choice… and I’m just trying to decide. Thanks!

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    • Mark, you raise an interesting question.

      I got my photographic start (more or less) by photographing roadside crosses, which I think you and I may have discussed before. For that project, I made a deliberate and conscious decision to not touch or move or add or subtract anything that I saw at the crosses; I wanted to photograph them exactly the way I found them. I can’t say that always made photographic or compositional sense, but it was true to what my vision was.

      And, I think because I was so unyielding about that for so long (~10 years of cross-photographing), I don’t even think about rearranging things to make a “better” image. I’ll rearrange myself, maybe, but not the stuff. I’m not saying it’s the right way for everyone to approach their work, but it’s the right way for me.

      So, without seeing the image you’re struggling with, I can say that I’m pretty sure I would have shot it the way it was.


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      • Thanks! I was just curious on your thoughts! I’m mostly like you about never rearranging things, but sometimes I will kick something minor and extraneous out of the way. The photo I’m thinking of is what I used on my new CD cover ( When I took the photo, I thought about kicking the gatorade bottle out of the frame because it was kind jarring and out of time with everything else, but at the time of shooting decided I wanted to play off that contrast. A couple followers questioned me on the choice now that I released the album and had decided that at least conceptually, I liked the idea, but am somewhat unsure that it was best choice. That said, I composed the shot with the bottle in there and worked it in relationship to the suitcase and balled up rag compositionally, so in my brief test in photoshopping it out, found that it was just wrong! Anyway… maybe I over-think this stuff, but recognized in your shot that you had to be aware of it and had to make choices how you worked with it! 🙂


      • I think you were absolutely correct to leave the bottle in the shot. But I get the part about overthinking; in fact, I practice it on a regular basis!

        I saw this image when you posted it, and to be honest the Gatorade bottle didn’t even register with me (does that mean it’s integral to the image?) although I did see that the rectangles are, mostly, on the right side of the image and the softer shapes are on the left, and the dotted white line served to divide them. I liked it.

        I had an interesting conversation with my good friend Brett Erickson over the weekend ( about one of his new images. It had, among other things, a strip of tar all the way across a narrow, rural road. He wondered if the tar belonged in the image, or if it distracted from the abandoned house and giant satellite dish that was actually the subject of the image. I argued on behalf of the tar, as it helped illustrate the sense of decay that he was after (roads in good repair don’t have that sort of tar across them!), and the image seemed both more alive and more desolate because of it. I don’t know what he decided re. the shot; he’s not one to PhotoShop something that’s inconvenient, so he either kept it, or discarded the image!

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      • Thanks for the thoughtful response! Interesting how you saw things in my photo. When I was putting this CD together I had a set of photos in mind that I wanted to use for the album art, but somehow completely lost the files (taken shortly before going to LightRoom!) and had to completely come up with a different concept. The photo I chose was really just a quick photo. My girlfriend was done shooting and I just took this one quickly not thinking it was much… but in the context of my album it suddenly became important to me. Had I kicked the Gatorade bottle out of the way I would have composed it differently and maybe it wouldn’t have ended up being the photo it is for me… but interesting to reflect on. I remember once in an art school painting class, we discussed composition and I remember the teacher saying that for almost any piece of art that the viewer will gravitate to 3 elements and to be aware of them… not that I have any rules that I follow, but in my photo, I remember this and try to be aware of the lines and angles that arise from these three elements. Best!


      • Your comment made me wonder how much different my photography would look if I’d gone to art school…! I’m (mostly) self-taught, a fact which I hope isn’t always glaringly obvious.

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      • Actually, I rebelled against most of the art school training… seemed more about self-referential snobbery and sarcasm… I took a long break until I had kids and found myself out with my young kids and a camera to take photos of them with… which lead to rediscovering my love of photography! 🙂


      • In general, the only people I photograph are my granddaughters…

        Ah…self-referential snobbery…who needs that crap.

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  3. I’ll buy the lovely trunk, thanks!


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