Stay Happy


I posted a photo of this burned-out liquor store back in 2012.

This time I noticed some new graffiti. I did the usual two-U-turn maneuver to get the shot. I thought I’d need the reminder.

near Taiban, New Mexico
photographed 7.1.2016

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  1. The poor place needs a little happiness. And the shot made me happy.


  2. That’s one hell of an unhappy sky. Which I am sure you did on purpose. Maybe now that the flooring reno is done, your can lighten things up again?


    • Are you saying that a few weeks of living in the midst of construction may have influenced my work? In a dark fashion?

      When I was participating for a few months at the local art trail, a man would come by every month and talk about my photos. He said he was interested in having me do his holiday cards*. The last time I saw him, he said, “Of course, I love your work. But some of it would be hard for the cards – my friends would think I was even more melancholy than usual.”

      *His term.

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