Prada Marfa (alternate view)


You’ve probably seen photos of Prada Marfa (and here’s an explanation of it). I’ve been to the site a couple of times, but never stopped. The other day, though, I went out there for the express purpose of shooting an image of the back of it, because I couldn’t stand to think of making yet another image of the front.

The Photography Gods smiled on me, and I was able to get a non-normal image of the place.

Valentine, Texas
photographed 7.23.2016

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  1. After reading the explanation, I’d be inclined to rephrase that “non-typical” since by its very nature, a photo of could qualify for ‘non-normal’. I don’t think I understand art.


  2. So good! Thanks. Hope she wasn’t waiting for it to open! Is that the photographer?


  3. So, I’m assuming this figure is not part of the installation but a real human ‘bonus’ who just happened to be in that spot. In which case the Gods were really watching over you that day.

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    • Andy, yes – I should have been more clear about that: she was indeed a human bonus! There were two other people there with her (parents, maybe?) posing her in front of the building. They didn’t have any lighting equipment, so it didn’t seem to be a professional shoot. Also, they didn’t ask me to leave, which was another clue it wasn’t a professional deal!


  4. I thought the history of graffiti, etc, was hilarious in light of the artist’s original plan to let it deteriorate. Marfa is on my bucket list, along with a variety of other Texas stops. Someday…


  5. You really were fortunate to get such a bizarrely dressed individual moseying into your photo. She looks to be wearing porn star heels and a beekeeper’s hat!


  6. lovely shot! Very nice contrasting tones.


  7. The goddess kissed your lens, or something like that. Can’t believe those heels. I bet as soon as she is back in the car (or perhaps pick up truck) she kicks them off till the next stop on the tourist map.


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