Dining and Provision


Just a little scene I spotted while (here’s a narrative twist), I waited for my Patient Spouse.

Denver, Colorado
photographed 9.2.2016

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  1. Whoa! I did not see that one coming.


    • I can be sneaky, sometimes! I hope it wasn’t too shocking, first thing in the morning and all.

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      • Well, I admit.. I did wish I had had more coffee before that reveal… 🙂


      • The staff here at One Day | One Image has considered the need for emailed notices, sent 30 minutes prior to the blog’s posting, to warn reader(s) about potentially disturbing posts. The majority of the staff, unfortunately, is not in favor of such warnings; I will share your comment with them, though – perhaps it will be enough to change their mind(s).

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      • Well, as a rule I am opposed to such “Trigger Warnings”… So I don’t know that I would want to be the source of such an email.

        To be honest, I was going to say something like “a twist like back when M. Night Shayamalan was good” before I realized he never really mastered them, and I didn’t want to insult your excellent twist. 🙂


  2. It looks so Colorado retro-hip. And that coat rack is defintely a cold climate item.


    • You’re right about the coat rack! I always notice them, because we don’t have them in Texas so they are (for me) an unusual thing to see.

      And I am almost positive that the owners specifically asked their interior designer to lay the “Colorado retro-hip” elements on pretty thick.


  3. Have you had a head injury? Waiting on the Spouse plus people in the shot as well as an inside shot ! Other than that it’s a great shot.


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