It sure was nice that someone took the time to embellish the boring “road work ahead” sign!

Denver, Colorado
photographed 9.2.2016

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  1. Those sandbags look like they could be useful for steadying a tripod. Is one of them in your trunk now?


    • Yes, actually I have two sandbags in my trunk. They have slipcovers to make them look like boulders.

      Of course, when I travel, I still use my Inflatable Boulders™. You can borrow them when we’re in Los Angeles, if you want to.

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      • What will the luggage fee be for flying with sandbags? Will you have to strap them to your body to avoid costs? Or is that why you have the inflatable ones? (Doubly useful if flying over water, no other passenger is going to steal your boulders for their flotation, they are just going to shake their heads while sinking beneath the waves at your apparently foolish choice of PFD).


      • I do travel with inflatable sandbags/boulders, because it’s cost-prohibitive otherwise. And won’t those headshaking passengers feel silly, in the unlikely event of a water landing?

        (Typing “inflatable sandbags” made me giggle. Out loud. At work. So, a normal day.)

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      • Uh oh, your colleagues are thinking. “What is Melinda up to. No, better not to know.”

        They are a thing, you know: http://www.wwtsasia.com/sandbags.htm


      • See, I didn’t know they were a thing – because it just sounds silly.

        But please heed the warning: Beware of imitation products that could potentially hurt the environment!


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