The end of this place

Back in March 2013, I posted some photos of an abandoned small-town motel, Crider’s Motel, in Johnson City, Texas. One of the blog posts was titled “Crider’s Motel may be past its prime.”

Time passed. I never went back to Johnson City to see what was going on.

Then, on November 21, I had a comment on one of those posts from Sandra Trevino, who said, “The Crider motel was torn down today. It was a blast from the past.”

And sure enough, it was. Here’s the newspaper article about it. And here, bordered in black because I’m sad the place is gone, are those images from 2013:

See original post here.

See original post here.

See original post here.

Johnson City, Texas
photographed 3.9.2013

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  1. The emptiness in these shots is striking and touching. Good job.


  2. The link wouldn’t work, so I guess they’re putting up a parking lot where the motel was!


    • I’m not sure what happened with the link – it seems to work on my end of things. But to summarize – the owner doesn’t have any plans for the newly-cleared land. And when Lyndon Johnson was president and went home to Johnson City, his staff would stay at the Crider.

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  3. Your 2013 images speak of abandonment…..shame you never returned, but that’s life


  4. This place had the best chairs. Too bad it’s gone now. Some of my favourite spots to shoot here in town have been renovated, or are being built upon and it feels like there are holes left. I guess I’ll need to find new spots that work the same way for me.


    • I’ve thought about doing more posts like this one when I discover a location I’ve photographed has been demolished. That might get too depressing, though, because there are a lot of them.

      And yes – those were fantastic chairs. I hope someone saved them.


  5. This is beautiful documentary work.


  6. The Crider Motel was a lively place with USSS agents and White House Staff during LBJ visits to the Ranch. This was a Mom and Pop operation and they also operated a small diner and had great short order breakfast, lunch, and dinner special was always fried chicken or chicken fried steak. Lots of memories, after a 12 hour shift a bed close by without driving to San Antonio or Austin was a welcome site.


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