Bird and stick


I know I’m not really breaking any photographic ground here or anything. But a wet, dead bird with a few sticks and leaves around it was just too much to resist.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 12.3.2016

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  1. During the drought, the Golden Eagles left the feathered remains of herons and hawks, heads and wings I didn’t the guts to share, especially those of the Great Egrets scattered like white pillow down on the bare ground. Congratulations!

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  2. Every stunning photo does not have to push the boundaries.

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  3. There goes lunch ! Two meanings to that now that I think about it.


  4. I feel you have a lot of interesting things happening in this composition. There are many perceived levels of contrast. The dark asphalt and light bird remains could symbolize opposite pairings such as: natural vs man made textures, life succumbed to death, impact of man on nature. The light halo around the bird seems like a transitional space. So, how’s that for going deep. Cheers!


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