Gilberto, el niño


If you go to El Paso, be sure to plan an hour (if it’s a really hot summer day) or longer (if the weather’s tolerable) to visit the Concordia Cemetery.

If you’re not going to El Paso, but would like to time-travel back to a 1990s website, you can visit the cemetery’s website.*

Of course, you could always choose to do both.

Concordia Cemetery
El Paso, Texas
photographed 5.2.2010

*This is fun, too.

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  1. Been there. Little 11-month-old Jack Wilton Bloxom, my third cousin once removed, was buried there in 1918. We didn’t find a grave stone.
    “El niño” is poignant.


  2. Shame on you ! Probably never get to go there ! But thanks for the link. My day is ruined now! Lol

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  3. I love the range of textures in this photo, Melinda.


  4. The cemetery website is a bit embarrassing but I loved the ‘this is fun’ news link!


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