All but one


This place. I have a strange fascination with it.

It used to be a fancy downtown hotel called (I think) the In Town Inn. It’s been mostly vacant since I can remember, but there are a few hints of its former grandeur. Ha! Ha! Of course there’s no such thing. It’s just another empty building. Its most recent reincarnation was a residential treatment center for people with substance abuse issues; that didn’t last, but the name it went by – the Jim Kimmel Center* – is still there.

But look at that wall of rooms. And lamps. Except for that one, lampless room.

Anyway, I really REALLY want to get in there and take a few (thousand) pictures. But I want to do it without breaking in or anything. I’m sort of legal, when it comes right down to it.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 2.5.2017

* I know, right?

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  1. You can never tell what flicks someone’s switches….but I agree, it would be good to explore inside


  2. Would like the Chevy truck. Rectangles and another good find.


  3. Better to wait for a more opportune moment. You can’t escape Texas justice!


  4. I’m guessing there is a residential manager/inmate/patient haunting the place, wearing a lampshade on his/her head. If you go back and see two lamps in one window, or the one back in the empty window, you can be sure you are being watched.


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