Ice plant (no longer)


This old ice plant is one of my favorite finds in Marfa. The photo’s three and a half years old, though, so the place is probably a gallery or a boutique hotel by now. Or, maybe, both.

Marfa, Texas
photographed 8.16.2013

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  1. Or perhaps it’s a previous gallery or boutique… or both.

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  2. Gives me shivers! Lol
    Shot an abandoned business here some time ago. A week or two after that one homeless person killed 3 other homeless people.
    That gave me a different kind of shivers. Stay safe because we need you MGH.

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    • Thanks for sharing that story. I think.

      I do try to be vary of my surroundings and never discount the potential for danger. My husband is convinced that one of these days I’ll look inside an abandoned place and see a dead body. I hope he’s wrong.


  3. Great old building .. love the sky 😃


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