Barbed Wire Study, LAX


The thing is, when you’re a photographer, it’s nearly impossible to be bored, to have nothing to do. I filled up a few airport hours taking pictures of the activity outside the window. I guess that’s not (yet) banned.

Anyway, my head was full of lessons on micro composition and careful shooting that I’d had that weekend, so I spent a long time working on getting the barbed wire and that white rectangle exactly the way I wanted them. Likewise, over in the Air Canada terminal my friend and erstwhile classmate Ehpem spent his time similarly, but with very different results.

Because that’s what we do.

Los Angeles, California
photographed 2.20.2017

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  1. I feel you when you say a photographer never gets bored. Same happens to me as an architect, you never stop thinking about design. Please check this photos they are really great. Thanks


  2. pictures are about capturing memories than just a click, keep it up. by the way, you may like to check out my passion for travelling at world’s highest motorable road: do give your feedback.


  3. Your attention to detail in this shot is very refined! Long waits in airports are good for something it seems.


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