Frank’s pay phone


There were a lot of pay phones in Los Angeles, at least in the part of town we were in. So, if you want to use a pay phone, for nostalgia or other reasons, LA’d be the place to go.

This one, for some reason, seems to be closely connected to Frank Sinatra, although he was not using it at the time I walked past.

Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, California
photographed 2.17.2017

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  1. Good find. Bad timing I guess if you were looking for Frank.


  2. Such an interesting intersection of things from the past—and yet another wonderful collection of rectangles.


  3. Do you think there might be a phone book hanging in that case? And if so, what year (or decade) might it be from? Not that I would be in a hurry to look, in that part of town.


  4. The complexities of seeing – mine trifocals are progressives with computer distance in the middle. Or come to think of it, an effigy of Sammy Davis Jr.

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