It was a nice afternoon – warm and sunny with no wind to speak of. So naturally my thoughts turned to, well, abandonment.

I headed over to look at a store called Savers, which I’d heard was going out of business. When I got there, I knew right away that I couldn’t get the shots I wanted because it was next door to a Dollar Genera (or a Family Dollar – who can tell them apart?), so there were too many cars and people around.

Lucky for me, though, I was close to a shopping center that had some vacancies.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.31.2017

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  1. I’m getting to love Lubbock !


    • One of these days, you’ll show up here, expecting to see nothing but old crap that’s about to fall over (and I include myself in that category, sometimes). And think how disappointed you’ll be to discover that are, in fact, some new buildings. And some without yellowed FOR LEASE signs in the windows. And some that even have viable businesses, too!


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