Not Today

Well, this is surely a disappointment to anyone who needed a doughnut today, isn’t it?

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 5.7.2017

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  1. Interesting use of lower case and upper case lettering in “WedNEsDay” Is there hidden meaning. And under Donuts I read ‘Long Johns’. In my vocab Longs Johns are a form of thermal-ware under-pants for those feeling the cold in their legs. Hmmm.


    • I can’t explain that…innovative capitalization scheme, and it makes me a little distracted because I start wonder about the very thing you pointed out. But I haven’t figured out any hidden meanings. Yet.

      Long Johns are, confusing, both a term for long underwear and for a particular sort of donut-like pastry. How does anyone ever learn English?!


  2. Especially if today is Wednesday.


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