Crop Circles

I won’t lie: I took a nap on the flight from Dallas to Lubbock the other. When I woke up, I saw this! It’s the town of Ralls, some wind turbines, and a lot of circles made by center-pivot irrigation systems. And people think there’s nothing to see on the Plains!

above Ralls, Texas
photographed 6.13.2017

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  1. Looks like someone has scattered their collection of enormous vinyl records across the countryside. Good to see you are home safely. Looking forward to seeing your posts from my side of the pond.


    • Thanks, Andy. We got home on Monday, and I left again on Tuesday for a short work trip.

      My posts from the trip will start showing up on the 21st.

      Thanks again for your hospitality during our visit! We’ll reciprocate when you come to Texas.


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