Laz + Buddie

I am pretty sure you’ve been wondering how a town got a name like “Lazbuddie” – turns out that two fellows Luther “Laz” Green and his business partner Buddie Sherley started a store there in 1924. And naturally, the place became Lazbuddie. (Because Buddielaz sounds silly.)

This is the very location of their store. It used to be the post office, and for a while the only telephone in the community was there.

There are fewer than 200 people in Lazbuddie these days and they’ve all got their own phones. I assume.

Lazbuddie, Texas
photographed 10.15.2017

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  1. “Hello, Sarah? Get me Frank, over to the general store. Thanks, dear!”


  2. I don’t know, Buddielaz has a certain flow to it. Maybe a new alternative rock band can take it as a name. Then when people tell them the story as to how they got that name….


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