Ranch Gate

What I Did the Other Day:
1. Drove along skinny rural roads, looking for something to photograph.
2. Drove right by this the first time.
3. A few miles later, thinking, “Wait. Was that a skull on the gate back there?”
4. U-turn.
5. Photos, until the dogs across the road started to get a little too aggressive for me.

Turns out that it was.

near Roaring Springs, Texas
photographed 12.26.2017

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  1. Lol ! How many times I haven’t gone back.
    Glad the dogs didn’t get you.


    • I’ve missed a LOT of photos because I didn’t make the effort to go back, but I am working on getting better about going back if I think I need to. I can clearly remember one I missed: it was a pink stucco building that was reflected in a big puddle and lit by low sun. It was over 25 YEARS ago, and I still think about it nearly every time I drive by the building (which for the past 8 years has been on my way home from work). In all that time, I’ve never seen the reflection repeated.

      I’m glad about the dogs, too. My default reaction around strange dogs is that they’ve shown up in order to eat my leg for lunch so I clear out pretty quickly when unknown dogs show up.


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