Dead Tulips

I had a tiny, tiny surgical procedure a while back (it was so tiny that from going back to the operating room to walking out the door to go home was just over an hour) but my sweet friend Janet thought I’d earned a lovely bouquet of tulips.

Remembering the photographic success I had with week-old roses (also from Janet!), I save the tulips until they started to fall apart. As you can tell, old tulips aren’t quite as compelling as those roses. But still, I had to try.

my kitchen table
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 1.24.2018

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  1. But old tulips are super fantastic subjects, Melinda! Just look at this:


  2. Yes you did. Love the wood grain.


    • I even instructed my Patient Spouse (who likes things to be Extremely Tidy All The Time) to not throw the flowers away until they were really, really dead.

      That kitchen table’s about 25 years old, and has all kind of gouges and stuff (recently: paint from a project with the granddaughters). I like it that way.


  3. I like it!


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