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Little Joe is creepy

Everything about this is creepy – from the death of 16 month old child, to the man-looking face to the oddly shaped feet to the giant-size hands to the fact that the man/child seems to be resting his head on a book. So naturally, I made a photograph.

Menard, Texas
photographed 1.29.2022

Hours grow shorter

The setting sun, lighting the front of the old church, with the afternoon’s storm cloud moving ever further away.

Presidio la Bahía
Goliad, Texas
photographed 5.6.2019

Font + candles

When I use my phone to make a photo and I get a result like this, I sort of wonder why I even bother with the other “real” camera…

Presidio la Bahía
Goliad, Texas
photographed 5.6.2019

the empty part

Last year I attended a conference in New Orleans; after a day or two all the people and noise and commotion started to get the better of me. And then I found sanctuary in the far end of the convention center.

Earnest Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, Louisiana
photographed 4.22.2018


A mural, a photograph, a pendant light, and a conduit. None of these things have anything in particular to do with each other, but together they make a relatively pleasant little scene.

Albuquerque, New Mexico
photographed 2.14.2018

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