Interim Review

When I was a little kid, sometimes my dad would take me to his office. It seemed so exotic, with the private offices up front and a big room full of drafting tables in back. Everything seemed exotic to me – racks of rubber stamps, t-squares, the blueline machine, or the black devices that were used to put sharp points on drafting pencils. My favorite things though, were the electric erasers, with mysterious little motors that would turn on when you turned the eraser over.

I hadn’t thought about that in a long time. But the other morning when I had some time on my hands and a new close-up lens on my camera, I wandered around the Patient Spouse’s architectural office and it all came back to me.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 10.27.2018

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  1. Never did drafting for a career. Did take it at a tech school. Drafting tables, T- squares, triangles, drafting pencils and leads, all are dear to me. I loved lettering and still do my numbers the way I was taught in those classes. Thanks for the memories.


    • In summers during college I drafted at my dad’s engineering firm, which gave me a lifetime love of all drafting equipment. The first few years after college, I drafted for an architect in Albuquerque. I wasn’t a great draftsperson (which led me grad school, in the time-honored fashion) But I was one hell of a letterer – a skill I mutated into a brief career as a calligrapher.


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