Icy Berm

The east side of the landscaping berm is covered with bulbs that have emerged from their winter below ground. And, on Tuesday, the plants, the berm, and the rest of the yard were covered with ice.

Maybe I’ve mentioned it previously, but I really just don’t like cold weather. I get worse about it every year, too; right now I don’t even like going to the north side of town because I fear it’ll be colder up there.  But that layer of ice on the plants was lovely and, thinking of my loyal reader(s) as always, I braved the bitter temperatures* to get this shot.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 2.19.2019

*Yes. Bitter, bitter temperatures. (31 degrees, if you have to know.)

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  1. Sitting here in my warm abode enjoying the image and amazed at your loyalty to us.😹


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