no one thought it would end this way

If you add together all the times I’ve done a shoot with models, it would total one. One time. And only because I had to as part of a photography class I took.

But this happened, and I will put it in the “even a blind squirrel finds a nut” category because – and I cannot emphasize this too much – I did not know what the hell I was doing.

near Pojoaque, New Mexico
photographed 7.6.2016

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  1. Well, it looks a tad voyeuristic, Melinda!


  2. Ignorance is bliss . You done good . Must admit Sue might be a little right. The peppers 🌶, the woman, and the bed are an interesting trio .
    That said, it is well done. I can imagine her saying, “ Honey, is the coffee ready ? “.


  3. I love the composition here, Melinda.


  4. Ha, ha…I know the feeling but…turned out pretty well though.


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