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Garden wall, with church and clouds

I am pretty sure there’s nothing more attractive than a very old stone wall draped with plants.

Chastleton House
near Moreton in Marsh, England
photographed 6.3.2017

August 5

Out here in West Texas, we think something’s old if it’s, say, more than forty years old.*

Other parts of the world use a slightly different scale to gauge what’s “old.” This place was built in the 17th Century; it’s called Lodge Park. The photo is a detail of some architectural elements on the second floor balcony. (If only I’d paid more attention to architectural history, I could tell you what they are called. I think of them as “those flute-y deals” but I am almost positive that’s not the actual, correct name.)

Lodge Park, near Cheltenham, UK

photographed 10.2007

* Hey, wait a minute! I just called myself old. I wonder if I meant to do that?

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