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Sorrows Gather Around


The little oil towns are either doing great or they are about to die, depending on the oil market. Every boom seems like it will last, but of course they never do. And the busts hit hard every single time.

The current bust has hit Sundown so hard that it’s eliminated EMS services and closed the library and the swimming pool just to try to meet the (reduced) budget. It reminds me of this song, by James McMurtry, which unfortunately continues to be true, even many years after he wrote it.

Sundown, Texas
photographed 5.14.2016

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I am very fond of the way that piece of plywood has almost the very same curve as the leaf springs do.

Sundown, Texas
photographed 5.14.2016

Love + Danger


So, I was in this alley…

Of course “love” and “danger” are next to each other – I hope that wasn’t a graffiti accident.

Sundown, Texas
photographed 5.14.2016

Repay you for the years


The late sun caught this sign* on the western edge of the town of Sundown, a fitting sentence, maybe, for a rainy weekend in the midst of great drought.

photographed 5.24.2014

*It’s Biblical – Joel 2:25. In case you wondered. Full disclosure: I Googled it; it wasn’t something I just knew.

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