December 11


I guess this may NOT be the cleanest door installation I have ever seen.

Marsha Sharp Freeway, near Chicago Avenue

Lubbock, Texas

photographed 10.8.2012

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  1. Did a bomb go off?
    Implosion or explosion?
    A heart needs repair!


  2. Just how many skins does that building have? Someone has tried to make this building look better more than once. Must be a commercial building. Interesting photos, including that arrow.


    • It HAS had a lot of effort put into it, with very little to show for it! Just to the right of the photo, there’s a big piece of stucco on the ground, left there when it fell off the wall. Also – there’s a security-firm sign on the wall; the firm has the ridiculous name of Texas Homeland Security.

      I like the arrow, too.


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