S&Q alley


I like alleys.

S&Q Clothiers has been gone for decades.  After the store closed, the local community theater used the building for productions; the column located in the middle of the stage provided a challenge for directors. And there’s just not that many good ways to incorporate columns into stage productions.  

The sign in the window that says, “Lala’s Two coming soon” has been there so long, we’ve lost hope that it will ever happen.  Especially since Lala’s original location, just across the alley, closed down.

But meanwhile, in the alley, it made my day to spot this original S&Q sign above the doorway. And that’s why I like alleys.

Lubbock, Texas

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  1. That is a very nice sign – a real period piece. And a pretty typical utility company insensitive accretion on the side of the building. Replacing power ducting and meters *never* includes aesthetic deliberation.


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