Rose of Lima


This is part of what’s left of the old church at the St. Rose of Lima cemetery; a marker just inside the fence says the cemetery was established in the early 1800s, and was “replaced to its current location” in 1907. I don’t know how long the church has been without a roof. Or a floor. Or windows. But it’s still standing, maybe out of habit as much as anything else.

This is another example of the way a building can eventually devolve into just its textures – and this one’s got plenty of textures, with the weather-rough wood, the initialed plaster, the stones.

And it even has a flower, tucked into a break in the plaster underneath the window.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 9.21.2013

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  1. Looks like some folks are helping out with the textures by carving their initials into it. Is nothing sacred?


  2. If the church was deconsecrated, which it likely was, then technically it is not sacred.

    Maybe we should be wondering “Is everything secular?”


  3. Great texture in the wood of the window surround, Melinda


  4. Still standing out of habit – I like the idea of that.
    Wonderful details.


    • Thanks, Karen. I realize that from a structural engineering standpoint standing out of habit doesn’t make any sense. But, fortunately, this blog doesn’t concern itself with structural engineering, which leaves open the use of more interesting descriptions.


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