Ice plant


Yesterday’s post might have caused some confusion between Vanishing Point* and a vanishing point, and I apologize for that. I really do.

But, here I am again, with a title that might have led readers in certain coastal regions to think I was referring to the ice plant**, when what I obviously meant was an ice plant.

I’ll try to be more clear in the future.

Marfa, Texas
photographed 8.16.2013

*Only $9.98 at Amazon. I bet that’s a good deal.
**Also known as pigface. FYI.

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  1. I was very curious to see what you had done with the ice plant that grows on the Pacific …. coast because you do few if any plants and the ice plant has lots of potential in black and white (if you lie down on the ground to photograph it )…instead I find an ice factory … Good take in any case! v.


    • Sorry if I disappointed you, Vera! I haven’t had a chance to photograph any ice plants (the kind with vegetation!) since I became serious about photography, but am hoping to get to the California coast before too much longer, and I will surely take photos of ice plants while I am there. I like them a lot, and admire their tenacity to grow in sand dunes,


  2. If you use your imagination, you can make a vanishing point for this photo also. BTW, this photo is outstanding.

    I followed your “Vanishing Point” link to Amazon and found it very interesting. I liked the movie but there was a review from on person who gave it one star. He wrote (warning, spoiler alert) “This movie was kind of lame all it was a guy driving a car around listening to a radio didn’t really like it at all I’m glad he died in the end”.


  3. Great sky, and light fixture, and curve in the building front, and paint peeling textures, and lots more too!


  4. Yes, I was expecting an Ice Plant plant but in Australia an Ice Plant is a different kind of succulent. We call the one you linked to Pig Face as you mention above. It grows in abundance around the rocks at Bondi Beach but that one has pink flowers. I’ve always wondered why it’s called Pig Face, it’s such a pretty plant and I don’t see anything piggy about it, or anything face-like for that matter.


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