It was one of those days


There are days when every single thing I see seems like it ought to be a photograph. Those days can be mentally exhausting. But they can be – and usually are – exhilarating. Those are the days when I just know that this is what I am supposed to be doing: wandering around, taking pictures.

This day was one of those days: this is the 12th picture I’ve posted that I took on August 16. And there’s surely more to come. August 16 was a very, very good day.

Marfa, Texas
photographed 8.16.2013

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  1. Mafa, Alpine, Marathon, Valentine…they are truly the kind of places that inspire creativity. Come back soon. I think every day is a very, very good day here.


  2. I did the search, and you are right. That should be month’s worth of excellent photos. This is the way I searched if other viewers want to check it out:


  3. Nice photo! Good to have those nice days! 🙂


  4. Perfect geometry and dark-to-light counterpoint in this image.


  5. All those lines: fantastic!
    I love it when I have one of those days too.


  6. I hope you remembered to buy a lottery ticket that day! Although that implies you were lucky and this really demonstrates skill rather than luck.


    • I think I remember my statistics professor saying the odds of winning the lottery are roughly the same WHETHER OR NOT you buy a ticket. Does that sound right?

      I love this part of the state, so it’s easy for me to find subjects!


      • Obviously, your statistics professor never won the lottery. Though your chances of winning are minuscule, you never win if you never play.
        i was offered an excellent job in Brownwood, TX some years back and I came this close (holding two fingers very close together) to taking it. I really liked it there.


      • My mom was born in Blanket, Texas, which is only about 15 miles from Brownwood.

        What sort of job could you have had in Brownwood? Too bad you didn’t take it as by Texas standards that would have made us neighbors!


  7. My former manager was the plant manager at a facility down there and offered me the job. I was all set to take it when another opportunity arose but I always wondered about the choices we don’t make. I love Texas but don’t ask me to trade my Nikes for the boots.


  8. I reckon you caught this at exactly the right time of the day to get these long shadows. Days like this are exhilerating – when you are just tuned-in to your surroundings and your Eye is alert and inquisitive.


  9. Lovely image – I know that feeling of right place right time; walk 4 hours and wish you had started 3 hours earlier 🙂
    well made.



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