Car repair (not) done here


Maybe you recognize this from an earlier post? Thanks to an open door at the back of the place, I was able to step inside and look around. The best thing I saw was this view from one of the service bays, with the garage door windows providing a frame to both the inside and the outside.

I don’t know how long the building’s been vacant – the business has moved to a new location – but it is for sale. The building is 1,556 square feet, and is in need of some renovation. For one thing, the restroom adjacent to the office doesn’t have a sink in it. It’s not that vandals have taken the sink. It’s never had one. Why was THAT a good idea?

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 12.24.2013

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  1. like the shadows, very nice photo


  2. You don’t see those “all glass” doors anymore. And it’s not often you can get a good exposure inside and outside at the same time. Good shooting!


  3. I’m guessing it could get really hot working in here, with or without the doors closed. But no shortage of light. I like the shadows too!


  4. I like the way the shadows converge on (or splay out from) the bottom left corner, Melinda.


  5. goalstatbetting

    A car repair joint with no sink?! Just how dirty do those grease monkeys wanna be? lol.


  6. Those shadows are insanely dramatic, Melinda, what a great image!


  7. Great soft lighting and an emotive photo.


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