Layers peeled away


The inside of this place is in much worse shape than the outside. For one thing, most of the windows are broken, so moisture and animals have free access. And – this is new – there’s a hole in the roof, which is letting in water every time it rains. The paper on the gypboard walls is starting to peel away. While that’s never a good sign as far as a building’s longevity, it does make for some interesting photos…

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 12.6.2014

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  1. Everything put together sooner or later falls apart (Paul Simon).


  2. I’ll say! it looks like a rock cave – or is it ? a kind of metamorphosis back to nature.


  3. Very interesting photo at that!


  4. It’s worse than I thought – structurally. But what a photographer’s joy. Great shot, Melinda


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