The line beyond


This is my country place.

Or, it’s a hut that happened to be already there when I bought the land. One of these days – sooner, rather than later, I’d say – it’s going to fall down. But for now, it makes an accommodating subject for a late afternoon photo. I like the ambiguity of the horizon line in the window – it’s hard to tell if it’s a reflection or if it’s a view all the way through the hut.

Oh, and while I was outside making this image, there were three other photographers inside. They were all from out of state, so I left them to the inside: I can go back any time.

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 12.6.2014

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  1. It’s a great shot. Maybe you should change admission.


  2. The quality of this image is so good, Melinda. I wonder what it looks like on the inside?


    • Inside is in terrible shape. There’s a hole in the roof so there’s water damage on the walls. Most of the windows are broken. The floorboards are badly buckled. And, in the summer, there is usually a snake or two hanging around.


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