No one knows the last time


The outside of that hut looks a little better than the inside.

But no one knows the last time that grill was used.

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 1.17.2015

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  1. Documenting not just the history of everyday people but also a simple – perhaps innocent – culture.


  2. I like that mysterious window seen from this side too with that little pool of light visible through it. The camera probably is lying, but from this angle that Grill looks to be in good condition.


    • I haven’t actually looked inside the grill to see what’s going on with it; my suspicion is that it’s condition roughly matches that of the hut.

      For some reason, I haven’t touched anything around the hut, except the door to push it open the firs time. I don’t quite know why that is, but it’s my instinct to leave everything alone, and I’ll trust it.


  3. You would think that the owners would clean up a bit around here, eh ;). I like that grill too, those things have a very pleasing form. And it allowed you to center that nice black square beneath the ‘curtain’; centered symmetry is not something we see around your blog very often.


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