For reasons that are both too lengthy and too personal to get into, I have a strong emotional attachment to this part of Lubbock County. And so, when there was a chance to purchase property on the very road where my attachment is strongest, of course we took it. Our plan was to build a house out there, but a few circumstances, combined with our complete inability to make decisions*, have meant that the property’s been waiting on us for nine years.

One of these days…one of these days, the time will be right to make the decisions and to make the move. It’s just not now.

But our time will open and a new life on the rim will someday unfold.

Until then, the hut** that came with the place works steadily to become invisible.

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 1.17.2015

*To my readers with good memories: yes, there ARE architects in the family. That actually makes it harder to make decisions. I am sure normal people would have been living out there for years by now.

**The window on the far left is also seen here.

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  1. Great shot capturing not only the hut but the exterior context.


  2. Marvellous! There’s something about the window on the left, especially…Very nice.


  3. Actually it is a treasure to have a place like that waiting to be reborn. An invitation to ‘caleidoscopic’ dreams … how many identities you can imagine for the place that will be … the door stays open to the future …


  4. I just love this, Melinda. The views out coupled with the aging door and it splintered glass make a really powerful image. Hope your dreams get realized some day.


  5. I bet you don’t want to take down this hut until you have plans for replacement in hand, and active. It is beautiful in its own way, or in your way.

    This hut is so “you” that it might be like an amputation to remove it. But wouldn’t its demolition (human agency involved, not just nature) and removal get the ball rolling and possibly even remove a major obstacle to getting your dream realised?

    Maybe one of your (bravest) friends should commission a guy with a big truck and backhoe to get it out of there one day you are at work.\



    • In a lot of ways, it will be sad when this hut IS gone; it’s just part of the landscape of the place.

      I haven’t touched anything, inside or out, other than to open push the door open the first time. I don’t know why, but it seems like the right thing to do.

      The previous owner and his wife have both passed away; their ashes were scattered off the edge of the canyon and we’ve found where the empty urns were discarded. Maybe it’s a measure of respect that I feel, leaving everything alone.

      And, I’m not sure I’ve got any friends who are brave enough. But I could ask around….


      • Sounds like a bind to me. Maybe it is big enough that you can build in a corner of the lot and just leave it. Though the way things work is that the old place is always in the very best spot, as it should be.

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