The future was wide open


Another one of the closed-down schools around here. This one’s been vacant (or un-used, anyway) since 1965, when it was consolidated with the school in nearby Post, Texas.

Post was founded by C. W. Post, whom you may have heard of if you’ve ever eaten Post Toasties or other breakfast cereals. And Close City is named for Post’s son-in-law, E. B. Close, who was married to Marjorie Merriweather Post, who was famous for being a rich philanthropist*. She and Close were divorced and each went on to marry several more times. Which is how this happened: via his second marriage, Edward Bennett** Close would become the paternal grandfather of actress Glenn Close.***

And who says nothing interesting happens around here?

Close City, Texas
photographed 5.31.201

*Her home Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida, is now tainted owned by Donald Trump.
** I have a granddaughter named Bennett, but I believe that’s largely coincidental.
*** You can read more here.

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  1. It’s an odd script on the wall.


  2. Fascinating story. Nice photo, too. The desolation of what we see through the window matches the desolation of the building.


  3. Strike through text almost always cracks me up. And yours here, is doubly funny because it’s so true.


    • Thanks, Matt. I’m a fan of strike through text, and was happy to have the occasion to use it. Glad you appreciated the humor (although I was pretty sure you would). (Hey! I just figured out strike through text in comments! Things are going to get interesting now.)

      Liked by 1 person

      • I copied that initially to see if I could get strike through in my comment… sometimes I miss the rich text editor when I’m commenting on other people’s blogs! 🙂


      • I just figured out where it was hiding – if you go to My Sites on the top left of WordPress, the dropdown box has a section called Comments. When you click that, you can see all recent comments. And when you reply, guess what? Rich text editor.

        It’s been hiding in plain sight all along.


  4. Image and text made for a very interesting post Melinda. As to yesterday’s, spell check can be such a B. I spent a year on Adak Island in the Aleutians. Spell check evidently never heard of it. Do you know why the old folks (me?) used that name?


    • I can’t find anything about the “ellum” pronunciation – everything online points me toward information about the Deep Ellum district in Dallas, which isn’t at all what I’m looking for. If I ever meet anyone older than me, maybe I can remember to ask….


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