Something better may come along


I have a thing for photographing interiors of abandoned buildings. You probably noticed that by now. I found this place one evening in San Antonio, and the low sun gave me some good light bouncing around the remnants of a now-closed business.

But anyway, if you were planning a trip around a meal at Murphy’s Deli, you might want to reconsider.

East Houston Street
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 5.19.2016

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  1. Another one — really great balance and composition!


  2. Nice shot. Here we have some places that several businesses have been in and they keep failing . And there are others around them doing well. Seems some spots are just jinxed no matter what.


  3. I see history as much as shattered dreams in this image. I love poking around abandoned places. It is nice to do it through your images. Documenting these places is important whether they end up demolished, renovated or re-inhabited and repurposed.


  4. There is a stateliness in those columns, with that gorgeous light. Ghosts of Edward Hopper.


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