Not too much service any more


Just another one of the many abandoned service stations in shrinking towns on the Plains.

On an important historical note, the most expensive pig ever sold was owned by a Hermleigh resident. Jefferey Roemisch of Hermleigh sold his cross-breed barrow* named “Bud” for a record breaking $56,000 in 1983 to a man named Bud Olson and his partner, Phil Bonzio. I thought you’d want to know.

Hermleigh, Texas
photographed 3.20.2016

* Were you wondering what a “barrow” is? Yes, I thought you were.

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  1. It’s an eerily accurate depiction of what service has become as well as a sad reminder of what it was…


  2. First immediate thoughts… I love this image. Second, the realization of how so many places are thrown by the wayside and forgotten. Great capture!


  3. Love today’s and yesterday’s. That must have been a real huge porker. Wondering if any of those gentleman went into politics?


  4. Thanks for the introduction to the suidae family! I never knew what a barrow was in this context, nor a gilt. I hope those words come up on a crossword before I forget them. 🙂


    • Glad I could help out! When I was a kid, the radio station that my mom listened to gave an agriculture report every day at noon, and I can remember hearing prices on barrows. Back then, I didn’t care enough to ask (or find out on my own) what a barrow was. I never knew until I wrote this post.

      Good luck using gilt and barrow on crosswords!

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  5. Love this type of place. Hard to believe it was ever part of anything least of all a town.

    Loved the historical pig story. So glad I know.


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