After hours


My Patient Spouse was driving along the old Route 66 in Amarillo the other morning, and I was looking for something interesting to photograph. It wasn’t a surprise to him – and won’t be to you, either – that the very first thing that caught my attention was a window to look through.

The difference here is that this place is still in operation, which puts it apart from the usual shots. Look at me, pushing the limits!

San Jacinto Christian Academy
Amarillo, Texas
photographed 5.29.2016

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  1. First, an image of you.. then a place that’s still in business. You’re starting to court the “Selling Out” term, Melinda. You’ve been warned!

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  2. You are getting adventurous! I believe “Mr. Man” knows what side his bread is buttered on.


  3. Hats off to all our very patient spouses for the long journey they take with us…


  4. Fabulous shot! I love it. And I’m with Robert, above, re patient spouses –


  5. Really nice repetitions!


  6. Love the repetition in this photo. The signs on the back wall break up the pattern in a subtle and interesting way.

    I owe you an email. Sorry, so slow. Struggling a bit with life, the universe and everything.


  7. I love these diner stools. Nicely seen!


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