5 towers


I made a return visit to this little trailer, which (if you’ve been around here long enough) you may recall from 2013.

Go on over and look at that other photo; I’ll wait.

So, see how it doesn’t look like anything’s changed? My theory is that the hot, dry air has mummified it.

Valentine, Texas
photographed 7.23.2016

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  1. My neighbor has one of those. It is unfortunately on the other end from mummified. Oh, and “Go Pirates ! “.


  2. My son spent part of one winter in one of these. In Ontario. Nearly froze off his extremities. So, I think in the heat, you could just boil away.
    Do you suppose there is a mummy inside as well? Or a couple of them, frozen in a hot panting state on their bed? Like a mini museum of the heat?

    I like the processing – it complements the previous view very nicely.

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    • I think living in these trailers in the desert would be similar living inside an oven. I didn’t look inside this trailer – those chairs made me wonder if someone (alive) still lived there.

      I was playing around with cropping and processing here, since I took that class and all…

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  3. I love the way you made the first image look like an old snap, Melinda. I agree with Mr E (as I call ehpem), the processing complements the first image beautifully but it also stands up well on its own.


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