They say this place is haunted


No, really, that’s what they say.

We didn’t go there to see ghosts, which may be why we didn’t spot any. (None, so far, have shown up on the photos I made, either.)

The best part, other than this very cool trestle, was when this woman stood in a low spot that was still damp from a flood recently, and said there was an “odd smell” right there, which she described as “musty,” and that she was pretty sure the smell was evidence of ghosts. Maybe I’m just too literal, because I sort of thought the odd, musty smell was probably from the flooded ground and waterlogged plants and so forth. The way I see it, at least one of us is wrong.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 9.23.2016

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  1. Love this haunted or not. Prefer no haunts or as some up here say “hants”.


  2. Great shot. I love the places less visited.


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