A sense of abandonment


I rented a (very) wide angle lens*, and spent a good part of the weekend putting it through its paces. Now, you already know how much I love shooting interiors of empty places, so you won’t be surprised that I really, really like shooting them with (very) wide angle lenses.

Anyway, I was pretty fond of the interior of this place; I like all the curves and how they’re offset by that one, stark shelving unit on one side and by the graphic border design on the other.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 9.23.2016


*18mm – so wide it almost could see around corners.

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  1. Ha! My all time favorite focal length. Which lens?


  2. who knew abandonment could have such a sense of depth 😉


  3. My lens is usually set to 16mm (full frame format)…so I hear you on this!


  4. I remember the first time I looked through an 18mm lens. The feel of width was extraordinary. But I found m eye quite rapidly adjusted to that after a while as I used the lens more.


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