After Dinner


I was trying to get a shot of the table. But I didn’t want people in it. (You know.) But she was just too quick for me.

Now I realize that the shot I thought I wanted would have been boring compared to the one I got.

Trinidad, Colorado
photographed 9.4.2016

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  1. To me this photograph has a strong sense of mood. It strike me like a still shot from a movie. (What would Cindy Sherman say?) I want to know what the waitress is thinking. I guess that she is wondering whether she is in the right place. Should she leave Colorado? Should she stay? Probably I have this thought not only because of the contemplative look on her face but also because of that road you invite us down, with the distant hills beyond. So glad you overrode your instinct not to take this shot.


    • Linda – I always enjoy your astute comments and understanding of my images. Sometimes you understand them even better than I do!

      It does have a certain from-a-film feeling about it. And I know from my fellow blotter Matt (who grew up in Trinidad) that it’s one of those towns people try pretty hard to get away from, so your feeling that she’s wondering if she’s in the right place is probably exactly right.


  2. Bella Luna?


  3. I see rectangles- no surprise. The server in R foreground and then the open L receding is great and dramatic.


  4. I think you are right .. this is a great shot!


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