Squashed like a bug


Seriously, those people need to hurry, or that giant shoe is going to squash them.

I have to give my good pal Ehpem credit for spotting the potential of this shot before I did. Which is just a nice way* to say I stole it right away from him.

Los Angeles, California
photographed 2.17.2017

* Right? I was nice about it, wasn’t I?

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  1. Street art can be so fun!


  2. You have been very nice about it. I am not sure who understood this exact potential first but I suspect it was you. I do have nearly the same shot though (no man in mine) and some day will post it. Perhaps we should compare the exact time taken, maybe I pinched the idea from you.

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  3. I bet he didn’t mind. I hope I see his pic of the same location soon!


  4. So unique. Good catch no matter who’s idea it was.


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