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Wigs: a diptych

If you were here yesterday, you already know that my friend Al and I are taking an online photography class together this year. Our discussions of diptychs for class led us to recall a rain-soaked couple of days in Los Angeles, when we were attending a weekend workshop at the Los Angeles Center for Photography. And that led – as these things sometime do – to the idea that we should collaborate on a diptych.

That’s me in Al’s photo on the left. It looks like I can barely believe what I am seeing, and added to that is the fact that my hair is really wet from all the rain we’d been in.

But wait: there’s more. Just when I thought we were done with diptychs. Al suggested that we look further at our archives and pick images from the same day/different year and pair them up. So….tomorrow you can see the first effort at that project. Unless these wigs have frightened you to the extent you will never return.

Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, California
photographed 2.17.2017

Pacific Park, early morning

I participate in a photography group on Facebook where there are weekly themed posts, and I wouldn’t have probably even noticed this image stuck in my archive unless I’d been looking for something to post for the theme “Pier.” And now that I’ve seen this image again, I am not entirely sure why I never posted it to begin with: it evokes many things about that foggy, chilly morning of shooting for a weekend class I was taking. Like the chill. And the fog. And the way I felt very much alone (not necessarily in a good way) for much of the morning. And how, finally, I gave up and went inside for coffee, where I met up with a classmate and we had a chat that’s evolved into a fine friendship.

Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, California
photographed 2.19.2017

Week of Randomness: After Hours

A misty night and closed-for-the-night shops combined in a way that caught my attention.

And you know for sure that I liked it better this way than if it had been full of people cluttering up the place!

Los Angeles, California
photographed 2.18.2017


My friend Ehpem and I shared a house while we were taking a photography class at the Los Angeles Center for Photography; our walk between the house and the school took us past a liquor store, where we never did seen anything as photogenic as we hoped for. We were always pretty sure the cool stuff happened just after we’d passed.

This is the best thing I saw. And to clarify assumptions some of you may have made, that was not our castoff wine carton. We were drinking Scotch, thank you very much.

Wilcox Boulevard
Los Angeles, California
photographed 2.16.2017

The Traveler

On that same field trip to Union Station, I tried a few images with people in them. I was led astray by a number of my fellow students, who were accomplished street photographers. Peer pressure can be a terrible thing…

Union Station
Los Angeles, California
photographed 2.18.2017

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