Pacific Park, early morning

I participate in a photography group on Facebook where there are weekly themed posts, and I wouldn’t have probably even noticed this image stuck in my archive unless I’d been looking for something to post for the theme “Pier.” And now that I’ve seen this image again, I am not entirely sure why I never posted it to begin with: it evokes many things about that foggy, chilly morning of shooting for a weekend class I was taking. Like the chill. And the fog. And the way I felt very much alone (not necessarily in a good way) for much of the morning. And how, finally, I gave up and went inside for coffee, where I met up with a classmate and we had a chat that’s evolved into a fine friendship.

Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, California
photographed 2.19.2017

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  1. Lots to like here. Even a human ?


  2. Super image … it deserves to be seen. And great news on the friendship 🙂


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