Hollywood Boulevard (not glamorous)


The place where – I am led to believe – Playmates previously purchased their shoes is now a smoke shop. And there’s rain all day in sunny southern California.

along Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, California
photographed 2.17.17

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  1. muy bueno gracias por compartir


  2. A shop that has been “Smokin’ ” in more than one way !


  3. Do you think they sold dancing or sports shoes, as well as smokes?

    Your photo has made this place feel more exotic than it seemed walking past it what must have been a zillion times. I like the placement of the cars, and their front wheels relative to each other and the road markings. And the painted crowd peeking.


    • And, I’ve got people in a couple of the rectangles here, as well. Plus that person in the car at the back seems to be giving me the finger. Bonus!


      • A finger from the safety of a closed car window is a bonus. One from a federal employee is even better (though perhaps all federal employees have been instructed to follow the lead of their government and give the nation the finger at all times – if so, it might not have been an editorial comment about the future photograph). Well done in either case.


      • The only federal employee I know is much more likely to give the finger to the orange man than to anyone else. That’s probably not a statistically valid sample size, though.

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