The stardust seems to be missing

Travelers who had their hearts set on a restful night at the Stardust Motel are just not in luck, are they?

outside Marfa, Texas
photographed 7.11.2015

P.S. One of my regular followers asked what this looked like in color, so here you go:

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  1. Love it ! Hope that creepy guy from No Country for Old Men is lurking around.


  2. I love the presentation of the image with it looking like the edges of a paper print and all. Is it just the way you framed the shot, or is the only thing remaining the sign? Makes it look like an invitation to the local critters to bunk down under a bush for a refreshing night’s kip!


  3. Just wondering what it looks like in colour?

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  4. Thanks for the link, Melinda. I’d love to be able to collect booths as well as the photos from them! He is an amazing guy and I love his passion for collecting. He has very eclectic tastes.


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